Am/Int'l CH Flatford's Eddie Murphy CD MH ** WCX CGC
2005 Steady Singles Champion 
2007 Hat Trick Award 
2008 Reserve Steady Singles 
2008 1st place Field Trial Class National Specialty

2 CDX Legs; Finished with 3 majors; Specialty JAM in USS-B at 9 months; JH at 14 months; Derby 2nd, WCX, and National Steady Singles WIN at 19 months; SH at 25 months; Master Hunter and CD at 3 years; Steady Singles Reserve and 1st place Field Trial Class National Specialty at 4 years!  

DOB: 08/07/2003   Pure for Black
Hips OFA Excellent (FR-3796E24M-PI) 
Elbows OFA Normal (FR-EL967M24-PI) 
Patellas OFA Normal (FR-PA822/24M/P-PI) 
Heart OFA Normal (FR-CA109/35M/C-PI) 
Eyes CERF (FR-1944/2008-59) 
Gonioscopy Normal 
Photograph by Steve Southard

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Photo by Chris Butler
Photo by Family Tree
Series of 3 Photos taken by Cathy Lewis
You came into the world with a purpose, at the right time and place and changed the course of my life.  Your titles are nothing less than the true love and respect, given and received, cherished and remembered.  You were loved greatly and greatly loved in return.  I'm proud and so very lucky to have stood by your side.  You were a joy to own, love and train!  I miss you Murph! Wow what a ride!
Photo by Xan Latta

Jim Dobbs with Murphy
Murph's 1st Pheasant Hunt
Murph and I with Jim Dobbs, mentor and friend
One of my proudest moments, Murph's Master Hunter Title
Cliff Tulpa and Murph filming Wild Outdoor Adventurmes
1st Place, Field Trial Class, 2008 Flat-Coat Specialty 
A proud  moment, Murph's 1st Master Hunter Leg
2nd Place Derby, 2005 Flat-Coat Specialty 
2005 Steady Singles Champion, 19 months old
Sis Abbie with Murphy